Travel Guide: The prettiest place on earth, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Welcome to Travel Month! We hope you’ve got booked some time off work because we’re dedicating some time every day to giving you everything you need to know about visiting some primary holiday spots, all over the world. Today we’re travelling to the little slice of naturalist heaven known as Lake Bled in Slovenia.

If I asked you to name me three things you know about Slovenia, could you even do it? That’s not a dig, I’m just trying to say that it’s not regarded or credited for how beautiful it is. If you find yourself interrailing or just rambling around Europe, I would implore you to swing by the secluded and serene Lake Bled.

It is truly one of my personal favourite places on earth, here is our guide to this Slovenian town.

Getting there

What makes Bled such a beautiful spot is how secluded it is. The backdrop of the alps is incomparable. That said, it can make it a bit of a pain to get to. There are two train stations (Lesce-Bled and Bled Jezero) which has links to numerous European city.

Flying to Bled requires a landing in the nearest international Airport which is about 35km from the Lake. There are shuttle buses and the like! Looking at prices on Skyscanner, you’ll be able to get to Ljublijana Airport from London mid-July for between £71 and £103 one way.

lake bled

Image credit: Instagram – @LakeBledNews


Because of the circular nature the Lake, there are no bad places to stay in Lake Bled. There are hostels which stretch out further into the surrounding countryside but there’s also plenty of places to stay within the inner circle.

Looking at Hostelworld for availability and prices for mid-July, there are dorms available for about £20-£30 per room per night. However, there isn’t a lot to choose from at this point.

If you want a bit more private, you can get some beautiful properties on the lakeside for as cheap as £20 a head at Air BnB (providing you’re in a group 3+).

lake bled

Image credit: Instagram – @LakeBledNews

Things to do

Bar generally exploring the natural surroundings, there is a tonne of awesome activities to do around Lake Bled:

  • Kayaking: Unlike most lakes in the UK, there are pretty much no rules when it comes to water sports. You can swim most places and kayak wherever you want. I’d recommend heading to the central island and looking around the church before paddling back to shore for lunch!
  • Vintgar Gorge: A few kilometers from the lake itself, this rocky walk features some amazing waterfalls. If you consider yourself a bit of a photographer, take your time traversing this nature trail.
  • Bled Castle: The second stand-out landmark of the lake, this castle perches on a cliff face to the north of the lake. You have to pay to get in but you can get the spectacular view for free!

lake bled

Image credit: Instagram – @lakeblednews