Travel Guide: The dragons and towers of Krakow, Poland

Welcome to Travel Month! We hope you’ve got booked some time off work because we’re dedicating some time every day to giving you everything you need to know about visiting some primary holiday spots, all over the world. Today, a guide to the towers and dragons in the Polish city of Krakow.

Krakow is by far the cleanest European city I’ve ever visited. Well-preserved and spotless, this historically rich city has a medieval core unlike any other and a Jewish quarter that played a huge and devastating role during World War II.

Here is our travel guide to the wonderful and fascinating city of Krakow, Poland!

Getting there

Tucked away in Eastern Europe, from old Blighty, getting to Poland requires one of those new-fangled metal birds. Checking SkyScanner for flights in mid-July (because I’ve decided that’s when you’re going) you can get a cheap flight out to Krakow from £68 single but the average price is closer to £85 each way.


Image credit: RexFeatures


As with all our European cities, you pretty much have two choices in terms of accommodation. (Three if you want to sofa surf). You can embrace the travelling community and check into a hostel or, if you are in a larger group and want privacy, nab yourself an Air BnB.

Looking at Air BnB prices around July, you’re in luck – it’s dirt cheap. There are properties available for as little as £30 a night which, split between a group, is barely anything!

Hostelworld prices are similarly promising with dorms available for around £10 a night per person. What your accommodation is determined by really is the kind of experience you’re looking for.


Image credit: RexFeatures

Things to do

Here are our top three recommendations for things to do in Krakow:

  • Wieliczska Salt Mine: About 30 minutes out of the city, this incredible mine is over 178 miles long. Buried deep within is the most amazing chapel you’ve ever seen and people still use it to get married!
  • Wawel Castle: Built at the highest point in the relatively flat Krakow, this castle is definitely worth visiting if only to wander around the beautiful courtyard and grounds. There’s also a dragon’s cave there… if you believe that kind of thing.
  • Auschvitz: About 45 minutes out of the city, in order to fully grasp the horrors of the war, it’s imperative you see it with your own eyes.