Travel Guide: Exploring the whimsical Copenhagen

Welcome to Travel Month! We hope you’ve got booked some time off work because we’re dedicating some time every day to giving you everything you need to know about visiting some primary holiday spots, all over the world. Today, a digital walking tour of Copenhagen and all its whimsy.

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. With a patchwork architecture that spans the 13th – 18th century, as well as housing the flagship Lego store, Copenhagen has bore witness to a myriad of fires, disasters and valiant escapes from Nazi occupation. Today it’s quaint and care-free, the atmosphere feels like home, no matter who are you.

(Side note: it’s also maybe the most expensive place on planet earth)

Getting There

Tucked away, Copenhagen is pretty much only accessible by flying. The flight is barely over of an hour and there are regular trains from the airport to the city centre.

Looking at prices (assuming you’re travelling mid-July) Skyscanner is showing flights from London Luton as cheap as £10 one way. If you can’t bag a deal of this magnitude then you’re looking closer to £20-£30 each way.


Image credit: Instagram – @OliveWinter


The prevalence of culture and art is omniscient in Copenhagen. Every building is a statement of sorts as rows of buildings create this mis-matched dichotomy of architecture through the years. You’d be squandering an opportunity by staying in a hotel and putting strain on your wallet before you even arrive.

Because of how vibrant each wing of the city is, Air BnB offers a great mix of accommodation all over the city. Popular neighbourhoods are Vestbro and Frederiksberg.

Looking at prices at time of writing, the average price is £116 per night (a hostel is a better shout if you’re travelling alone). However, if you’re in a group you can still get places between £70 – £90 a night!


Image credit: Instagram – @Estelle.px

Things to do

Here are our top three recommendations for things to do:

  • Walking tour/boating tour: Copenhagen is a city that’s easy to walk if you know where you’re going, harder if not. Because of how flat it is, you can’t use tall landmarks to navigate. Experiencing one of the many walking tours or boat tours you can get to grips with the city in a couple of hours and learn some fascinating history!
  • Christiania: The infamous commune within the central city, Christiania is a surreal experience. Somewhere between a shanty town, an open-roofed drug den and a carnival, don’t let fear-mongering put you off visiting this unique slice of culture.
  • Tivoli: A massive theme-parked embedded in the city, Tivoli features some awesome roller coasters, a full fairground, 5 star restaurants and a festival sized stage for musical performances. It will cost you an arm and a leg to even get on one ride but if you’ve got cash to burn, Tivoli is the place to be.


Image credit: Instagram – @cast_92