Travel Guide: Berlin, the jagged labyrinth

Welcome to Travel Month! We hope you’ve got booked some time off work because we’re dedicating some time every day to giving you everything you need to know about visiting some primary holiday spots, all over the world. Today, we’re negotiating with the edgy and historically terse Berlin.

The capital of Germany and the cultural hub, Berlin boasts a wealth of diversity, sensitive history and pillars of reunification. I’m telling you, even the worst break-ups can be resolved in a city with such turbulent history – all it takes is a little perspective.

We’re going to run you through everything you need to know about visiting Berlin, we’ll leave the rest of the exploring up to you when you get there!

Getting there

Out of curiosity I looked up if you could get a coach to Berlin. You can get to Brussels fairly easily but it’s another eight bus rides before you actually arrive in the city centre of Berlin.

Checking Skyscanner for more reasonable transportation, you’d be able to fly to Berlin in peak July for about £20 on a cheap day and £40 if you want to be choosy about your flights. The cheaper flights will depart from London Stansted.


Image credit: Instagram – @Berlin


Thanks to the near-perfect public transportation, Berlin doesn’t feel as huge as it actually is. If you want convenience then stay in the city centre but in the West of the city lies Kreuzberg. The counter-culture capital of Europe. The prices will be much cheaper there.

Looking at hostels all over the city, you’re going to be looking at a price close to £20-£30 a night per person. If you want a private room it’s going to be upwards of £70.

But then again if you want privacy, why stay in a hostel? The average Air BnB price for a place in Berlin is £87 a night (that can be split between the group). Since the boarding options are similarly priced, it comes down to what experience you’re looking for!


Image credit: Instagram – @Berlin

Things to do

Here are our top three things to see and do while in the wonderful city of Berin (apart from trying to scale the wall)!

  • Checkpoint Charlie: During the Cold War, this was the cross-point between East and West Berlin. Now it’s a museum dedicated to the tribulations of the German people severed. There are some mind-blowing escape stories within these walls.
  • Reichstag Building: You should remember the significance of this building from Secondary School history! Now an architectural wonder, it boasts one of the best views of Berlin from the top!
  • Video Game Museum: If the war museums are getting your spirits low and you need a pick-me-up (you are on holiday, after all), swing by the Video Game museum and trace the history of every nerd’s favourite past-time.


Image credit: Instagram – @Berlin