5 incredible documentaries to watch right now

Are you sitting comfortably right now? We bet you are. Here are 5 incredible documentaries you could be watching…

The days of boring, hard-to-watch documentaries and biopics are long gone, with this genre becoming increasingly popular on Netflix and the Cannes Film Festival proving there is an important place for informative and eye-opening films.

Impress your friends and colleagues with some facts from these documentaries and instantly look more well-informed and intelligent. Here are our favourites to get started with.

1. Blackfish

This groundbreaking film has gone viral after exposing the darker side of Sea World. From poor conditions to cruel training methods and orcas fighting back against the people keeping them captive with tragic consequences the truth behind keeping orcas in captivity is hard to face. Blackfish has already had a positive impact with many people signing petitions, boycotting Sea World and similar corporations, and educating themselves on the reality of animal captivity.

2. Dior and I

For lovers of anything fashionable and glamorous, this behind-the-scenes insight into the world of the Christian Dior fashion house is definitely for you. The film follows the new artistic director Raf Simons as he creates a haute couture collection with incredible results. The beautiful fabrics, stunning colours, talented seamstresses and Simons’ visions all make the film a visually stunning and fascinating masterpiece.

3. Man On Wire

Man On Wire follows the story of a French man named Philippe Petit who made headlines around the world in 1974 after he danced on a thin wire suspended between the Twin Towers and the World Trade Centre in New York for over an hour without a safety net. This seemingly impossible feat was seen as illegal and highly risky but has captured imaginations for decades and is brought to life by this stunning film. Between the incredible footage of his climbing feats and his backstory makes for a truly fascinating film.

4. Stephen Hawking’s Universe

The Theory of Everything showed the man behind the science and the life he’s led that has defied all the odds. This documentary series shows the incredible science and theories that made Hawking a household name as he talks through the entire universe and discusses the big band, eternity and the cosmos. Even if you are not particularly interested in science, this film will open your eyes to the mysteries of the universe in a fascinating and thrilling way.

5. The True Cost

Do you ever wonder where your clothing really came from? Or the impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet? The True Cost reveals the ugly truth with shocking depth and a personal insight into those working in the factories and clothing production. This film will change the way you see the clothing industry in a brutal but compelling way as it forces you to accept the truth and realise that changes have to happen soon for the sake of humanity.

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