3 best trips for volunteering with animals

One of the incredible opportunities that combining travel and volunteering can offer, is the chance to work with wildlife in their natural habitat. If going to the zoo doesn’t quite cut it, there are plenty of safaris, wildlife parks and animal sanctuaries out there to volunteer with.

So, if you fancy getting up close and personal with your favourite wild animals in a humane and sustainable way, here are the top trips for you.

1. Elephant Nature Park- Chiang Mai, Thailand 

This sanctuary for elephants who have been rescued from circuses, logging and other cruel environments is a haven for these gentle giants. Surrounded by lush vegetation and rivers, you get the chance to bathe, walk with and feed elephants. There is also a cat and dog shelter on site so you will be completely surrounded by adorable and gentle animals.

2. N/a’an Ku Se Foundation, Namibia 

If you’re looking to go further afield, then Namibia is an incredible choice with a diverse range of wild animals. The N/a’an Ku Se Lodge is situated on a nature reserve so you can take in the view of the savannah and participate in conservation projects – including looking after newborn baboons and feeding the leopards and lions!

3. Frontier Lemur Conservation, Madagascar 

Anyone who has seen the film Madagascar will know about the high number of adorable lemurs on this paradise island. This Frontier conservation project aims to find out more about the three rare species of Madagascan lemurs, so volunteers are required to help monitor their behaviour, understand their habitat and collect fascinating data. You can also get the chance to see other wildlife including otters, turtles and lizards.