This website is bringing the pen-pal experience back

With the vinyl resurgence and a recent interest in Polaroid cameras and Super-8 film, the antiquated tools of yesteryear are what all the kids are into right now. In this fashion, a new site has emerged that is single-handedly bringing back the pen-pal format. 

It’s quite a romantic notion, speaking intimately through writing with someone you’ve never met with a totally different set of values. Hand-written letters are as personal and auteur as communication can be, and The Provocateur has made a museum for this medium.

As Dazed reports, Kristin Prim is on a mission to reignite the modern art of sharing feelings and experiences via tangible hand-written correspondence. At the age of 13, Prim became maybe the world’s youngest Editor-In-Chief for Prim, but is now looking for a new outlet in the pen-pal domain. As such, she’s collated all the best life advice from various pen-pal notes on her site, The Provacateur.

Discussing the philosophy behind the site, Prim writes: “I wanted girls to know that you can look and act whichever way you wish and still be a strong independent female”. Although the site is tilted toward advising the female audience, there’s a universal appeal to her mission.

The site releases weekly letters from influential names before they attained their cultural status. Contributors include transgender activist, Janet Mock, Garbage singer-songwriter, Shirley Manson, and photographer Myla Dalbesio.

The pen-pal was the therapist and analyst of the by-gone era where young adolescents would confide their inner-most desires and anxieties without fear of judgement and in return were granted emotional catharsis – it’s a beautiful culture unfortunately squandered by the hyper-communicative age we live in.

What now?