This ‘smart bed’ has raised $6 million in start-up funds

Sleep is up there with the most frequented topics of small-talk ever. The weather is a close second but because of varying climates, it isn’t the ultimate common-ground topic. Everybody sleeps and has something to say about it, but the conversations do run dry after a while.

Well now they don’t have to! Eight (FKA Luna) has announced that they have raised $6 million in funding for their ‘smart bed cover’, Tech Crunch reports. No longer will sleep conversations be limited to musings about general quality and bedtime rituals. This new mattress will provide every little detail about your sleep without any wearable technology.

Activity fitness trackers incorporate basic sleep monitoring functions but are uncomfortable to wear if you’re a mobile sleeper. This new cover slips under your sheets, tracks the quality of your sleep and transfers it to your phone.

But that technology isn’t new, right? This mattress cover goes the extra mile, claims Eight. It uses ballistocardiography to accurately map your body changes better than any other tracker, it adapts to your bedroom environment and analyses the impact of temperature. The mattress can even be hooked up to your thermostat so if it senses that your body is either too cold or too hot, it’ll change the room temperature accordingly!

With only 10% of their pre-order stock left, you’ve got to move fast if you want one of these smart bed covers for the incoming summer. What a brave new world we live in!