‘This is your body on sleep’ – do you know what happens when you sleep?

‘This is your body on sleep’. It’s an interesting method of study since we can’t actually know what sleep is like being unconscious and all. You’re never really aware of falling asleep either, it just kind of happens.

But this 2016, not knowing just isn’t good enough for us anymore. We can shell out all we want on apps and trackers but they won’t tell you the nitty-gritty of what’s going on under-the-hood while you’re visiting slumberland via the sleep-way express.

We’ve found that you guys love reading about sleep. Especially when you’re stressed out. It’s valued high enough on the ‘humans wants/need’ chart that sleep has become a staple of elevator and kitchen small talk. How many times have you heard someone answer ‘Probs just sleep and eat’ to a ‘what are you up to?’ question? My point exactly.

MyBedFrames have devised this awesome infographic to detail what’s happening to all our vital organs during sleep as well as myriad of interesting facts. Did you know, for example, a good way to test if you’re sleep deprived is by how quickly you fall asleep. If you consistently nod off in less than 5 minutes, that’s a clear sign you need to rework up your sleep schedule.

Another cool pull-away fact about the quality of sleep you’re getting has to do with the way you wake up in the morning. Personally, my bed sheets look like the second act of every Hangover movie – strewn across the room all chaotic-like. I’m not a very deep sleeper.

If you wake up with pristine bedsheets it means that you spent more of your beauty rest in the deepest part of the cycle (REM). During this phase, your body actually goes into a state of paralysis which sounds scary but is actually super relaxing.

Image credit: MyBedFrames

Image credit: MyBedFrames