This is what the internet used to look like (wow!)

Anyone remember the weird and wacky web collage that was Geo Cities in the 90s and early 2000s? Cause we sure as hell do.

We thought we’d seen the last of the web hosting service in 2009, when then-owners Yahoo! shut it down. It allowed users to host their own web pages, but was phased out when it’s method became obsolete.

But now it’s back! Well, sort of. Web developer Cameron Askin has delved deep into the Geo Cities‘ vaults to piece together a digital labyrinth of the site’s craziest pages. Think kaleidoscopic egyptian rainbows dotted with beach-ball spinning seals. Yeah, really.

Check out Cameron’s World here, and prepare to be dissapointed by cat memes forever more. There’s a pretty funky electronic soundtrack too!