This couple filmed 365 strangers around the world in one year

What is everyday life like in Botswana or New Orleans? Australian couple Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason made it their business to find out from the people who live there.

They travelled to five different continents and dozens of different cities in a year-long trip around the world. Their mission was to meet 365 strangers in 365 days – and to document the joys, fears and innermost thoughts of regular people in a project called 365 docobites.

Taking a Humans of New York-type model one step further, they filmed each conversation, turning their encounters into a series of mini high-quality documentaries. What they learned was inspiring.

“We are all human, and if you know that, suddenly you are not fighting against each other, you are fighting for each other and there is a lot of good that can come from that kind of thought process,” Epiphany told Mashable

By Reenat Sinay