This business card has an electrocardiograph built into it!

Your business card is the most detailed handshake you’ll ever give. In essence, it’s a greeting or point of contact but it’s also a physical embodiment of the first impression you want to give printed on a tiny cardboard rectangle.

We all worry so much about whether we should put our home numbers on them or what font to use but this is 2016, the era of extravagant yet affordable tech – so why not incorporate that into your business card?

As Engadget reports, some people will go as far as installing Tetris onto their business card but never before has a cardiologist taken the time to install a electrocardiograph onto their card – until now.

In case you were wondering, an ECG is the heartbeat monitor you might be familiar with from running machines at the gym, and MobilECG have fitted one onto the back of an everyday business card.

They claim that the device can measure “the real ECG signal between the users’ hands so long as their thumbs are touching the finger pads”.

The Hungarian based company have insisted that it was built for purely entertainment and novelty purposes, not diagnostic. Don’t think you can cheat your way out of a routine check up with your GP because you spent the unreasonable price of $29 on this kooky business card.

If you think £20 is a bit steep for a business card then MobilECG are encouraging that you make one from home. In fact, the card is open source to the public and all the codes and schematic are available online