This book can purify drinking water (yes, really)

If you loved books before, there’s even more reason to love them now. A book with pages that can be torn out to filter dirty drinking water has been successfully developed in the US.

This amazing “drinkable book” is set to revolutionise the lives of some 663 million people around the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Its life-saving pages have tiny particles of silver or copper on them, which kill bacteria in the water as it passes through.

Trials showed that the paper got rid of more than 99 per cent of germs in bacteria-ridden water in South Africa, Ghana and Bangladesh.

This means that once-contaminated drinking water was purified to the level of US tap water – and anyone can do it.

Dr Teri Dankovich, a postdoctoral researcher who developed and tested the book over the last several years, told the BBC: “All you need to do is tear out a paper, put it in a simple filter holder and pour water into it from rivers, streams, wells etc and out comes clean water,” she added.

Who knew books could literally save lives.

By Reenat Sinay