Uni Signs: 4 reasons third year is 100% the best year of university

Those of us on the outside look at our uni days through rose-tinted lenses. “The best three years of your life, I miss it so much”, we parrot to anyone marginally younger than us. Usually we’re here to offer some constructive advice but there’s always room for nostalgia, Today we’re lamenting on third year.

If you’re currently a first or second year, you’ve got the best year of your university career ahead of you. You might be thinking: “But how can it be any better than freshers?”. But I’d retort: “Because Freshers wasn’t that good, you’ve just convinced yourself it was”.

Here are four reasons third year is the best year of your uni career.

1. You have real friends

Sorry to say it, your friends in first year probably weren’t your friends. Every fresher goes through the cycle of being worryingly enamoured with their flatmates only to start to hate them a few months later. By your last year you will have a solid group of friends. Everyone else will either hate you or vice versa.

2. You’ve figured out how to coast through your course

By your last year, your course will be harder than its ever been. Luckily, you’ll be as adept as you’ll ever be! You’ll know how many hours it actually takes you to finish an essay and how many lectures you actually need to turn up to!

3. The threat of leaving pushes you

Knowing that in a year or two you’ll be thrown from the moving van called ‘adolescence’ and into the foggy mire of ‘adulthood’. You’ll need to get a job, stop having interesting conversations with like-minded people and learn to laugh at the jokes of manager’s in their mid-40s. It’s a bumpy ride but the threat of leaving will push you to make the absolute most of your time left at university.

4. You know the town/city well enough to make informed decisions

People talk about freshers like they didn’t have dozens of absolutely shit nights. Misinformation leads everyone into terrible bars and clubs but, thanks to experience, third year doesn’t warrant the same mistakes!