Thinking of proposing to your boyfriend today? We asked an expert

Relationship and sex expert Annabelle Knight lifts the lid on her 8 top tips for popping the question on this leap year day.

Another leap year is upon us and many women across the country will be preparing to ask the most important question of their lives, ‘do you want fries with that?’ Just kidding, they’ll be preparing to ask their other half to marry them.

There’s still a fair amount of stigma attached to female proposals, maybe this is because of tradition, the Disney fairy tales’ we’ve been spun as a child or if you get down to the bare bones of it, the reason for holding back may be the age old worry that he might not say yes. Simply put, equal rights extend to more than just our pay packets and ability to vote.

There are more than a few things to consider at this point, what are the chances of your boyfriend proposing to you? If his behaviour has changed recently maybe he’s preparing to propose himself? Have you discussed a future together? Was that discussion met with positivity or was he apprehensive and evasive? Also, is he the type of man who wouldn’t feel emasculated by you proposing to him? For some guys, this scenario might make him feel embarrassed and like less of a real man. There’s also the fact that in years to come when people ask, and they will, ‘so how did you propose?’ Some people will find it odd, they may even be catty and belittle your magic moment. If you’re both big enough not to let things like this bother you then all the better for it. All of these points need to be considered. When proposing, the worst thing you can do is jump the gun!

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