Things you only know if you live with friends ?

Living with strangers can be fun, but nothing beats moving in with your best friends. Who better to share a bottle of wine with (or two) after a long day at work than your besties?

Here are six things you will only know if you live with your friends.

1. You can communicate with a look

If you live with friends you will start to know what each other are thinking. This will become particularly apparent when around other friends. Someone will say something cringeworthy and you and your friends will shoot each other knowing glances. This skill will remain with you for years to come.

>2. You will bore others with your stories

“That time when we…” will come up in lots of conversations. This always happens when friends live together. If you are around others they won’t know what you are talking about, but you won’t care.

3. You will start twinning

If you live with your besties you will start picking up each other’s habits and sayings. You will probably even start dressing alike! My housemate Eli copies my outfits regularly…*she’s probably reading this!*

>4. You will always have someone on speed dial

Living with friends means always having people to come home to AND moan to. You will also have them on speed dial for when times of need arise. Sure you probably have loads of friends, but the special bond you form with your housemates is unbreakable.

>5. Relationships will be analysed

“Make sure you always ask a question in a text or they’ll think you’re not interested!” “Always wait at least half an hour before replying.” “Over three lines in a text will make you look too keen – why did you send that essay?” A LOT of these conversations will go on if you live with mates!

6. You’ll have people to bitch about your huge rent prices to

This one is probably the most important. Renting in a big city, particularly London is a total nightmare. Paying it is *cry* the worst day of the month. So having friends around you who feel your pain is vital to your sanity! What would we do without our best mates?!