5 affordable weekend adventures in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton isn’t the most glamorous city in the country, not even the most glamorous in the West Midlands – but there’s still a wealth of things to do in this market turned industrially-affluent city. Whether you’re into football or not, you can’t say you don’t like Wolverhampton until you actually visit.

And if you’re thinking: “I spent all my money last weekend in Glasgow“, don’t worry. These great adventures aren’t just buckets of fun, they’re affordable as heck. Get on a train or plane or automobile or, if you’re lucky, step outside your door to soak in everything Wolverhampton has to offer.

1. Wightwick Manor

A well preserved country manor house that boasts some really impressive historical artifacts. A time capsule showcasing how people used to live a mere hundred years ago. Without internet or television, people would just live in this house, can you imagine that?! Anyway, if you’re into period buildings and in the Wolverhampton area, check this manor out.

Image credit: Instagram - @Period_Living

Image credit: Instagram – @Period_Living

 2. Wolverhampton Art Gallery

A great one-stop shop for art fanatics in Wolverhampton. Two floors tall and impressively built, this gallery once hosted the infamous ‘Tin Of Soup’ painting by Andy Warhol! If the fallout of a BNO (Big Night Out) is weighing heavy on your brow, a quiet wander around the gallery might shift your mindset for the better.

Image credit: Instagram - @Wolvesartgallery

Image credit: Instagram – @Wolvesartgallery

3. Northycote Farm and Country Park

With Spring in full-swing, there’s no better time to swing by Northycote Farm. Plenty of bounding lambs in fawn over and something called ‘The Sensory Garden’ – sounds tactile as heck.

Image credit: Instagram - @Depict_creative

Image credit: Instagram – @Depict_creative

4. White Ladies Priory

Described as a ‘hidden treasure’ by the illusive D.G of TripAdvisor, this 12th century Augustinian Priory makes for some absolutely stunning photography at dusk and dawn.

Image credit: Instagram - @elhughs107

Image credit: Instagram – @elhughs107

5. Owl and Falconry Centre

Do you know what’s better than falcons? Nothing, that’s what. They are the Ewan Mcgregors of the bird world – devastatingly good-looking but severely underrated. And guess what?! Wolverhampton has a whole centre dedicated to them!

Image credit: Instagram - @Leedscastlefalconry

Image credit: Instagram – @Leedscastlefalconry