Uni Signs: 7 things every student should do before leaving higher education

We all look at our uni days through rose-tinted lenses. “The best three years of your life, I miss it so much”, you parrot to anyone marginally younger than you. And while there is some truth to that statement, you should also be grateful that you’re no longer slumming it at university. However, if you’re in the process of packing yourself up before embarking on, make the most of your time left in higher education.

Of course nobody leaves their university towns thinking: “I have no unfinished business here” but that’s just the fear of adulthood talking. You’ll find that in a few months, when you return to tell tales of employment to your now-second year friends, the experience won’t seem that great.

Here are seven things you need to do before leaving higher education and become weathered by the outside world.

1. Relive the freshers experience

Because of “work”, staying out until 5am drinking mysterious liquids that resemble primary colours won’t be an opportunity you’ll get very often. Even if you feel out of place, hit up that cheesy first year club for old times sake!


2. Actually explore your town

I went through three years of university without actually exploring the history and tourist attractions of the town I walked through every single day. Take a quiet weekday to swing by all the quirks and spots that TripAdvisor recommends.

3. Try and meet as many people as you can

I’ll tell you this, especially if you’re moving to a big city, no-one is as friendly as they are in university towns. You can pretty much strike a conversation up with anyone, take advantage of the kindness while you still can!

4. Make use of your library

It might the cavern that hosted your lowest and darkest moments but the library is an incredible resource. Public town libraries are half-rate market stalls compared to the majesty monoliths of knowledge that are uni libraries.


5. Take advantage of having your own space

If you’re moving back in with your parents (no judgement here) you’ll remember how frustrating having to share space is. Whatever you like having your own space for (again, no judgements) enjoy it for now.

6. Try and bag some CV experience

Some will go through their uni careers just doing the bare minimum. This is a bad idea. While you still have some weeks free – get some volunteering experience, join a society or even just attend some extra lectures. Anything to bolster that CV!

7. Relish in doing absolutely nothing

Wake up at 11. Eat breakfast at 2. Watch movies all day. Go to sleep. Repeat. Live the dream that higher education provides.