These are 3 new film festivals you won’t want to miss

Netflix may have its perks, but nothing quite lives up to the big screen with a box of popcorn. Even better than that? Watching film, after film, after film, surrounded by your fellow square-eyed fans. Film festivals can be a wonderful mix of entertainment and education. 

Here’s a rundown of a few new ones launching later this year that’ll cater for a range of interests you’re unlikely to see at your average cinema.

1. Evil Santa Horror Film Festival

It can’t go too far wrong when the name destroys all your childhood dreams in the space of three words. This Portsmouth-based frightfest may sound as if it approaches Christmas with the same attitude as the Grinch, but in fact it’ll be aiming to celebrate the joys of the season with humour as well as horror in a series of indie flicks. But don’t expect to walk away unafraid – it is being held above the city’s haunted tunnels after all.

When? December 18-19

Where? Fort Widley, Portsmouth

2. The Open Door Short Film Showcase

Short attention span? That’s no problem. This quirky little online “festival” aims to “open the door” (name make sense now?) to short film-makers, giving them an opportunity to have their movie shared throughout the internet via their website database. So unlike most festivals, you can pick and choose freely, safe in the knowledge that you can catch up on any you missed later on.

When? December 2-31

Where? Online

3. Indie Flicks

Who says festivals have to last a few days, or have snazzy, clever names? Indie Flicks is keeping it simple with a one night series of feature shorts films and very short films. The great part about this night will be that prize judgement won’t be solely in the hands of an obscure and largely unknown panel of judges, as the audience also get to vote for their favourite film during the interval. So feel free to be critical (but not too loud, everyone’s trying to watch the film).

When? November 4

Where? Ziferblat, Manchester