These 5 UK cities use the most fake tan

It’s almost the end of August, and after a patchy summer of rain and grey clouds there’s a real shortage of bronzed goddesses about. But not in these five cities that’s for sure.

A Superdrug survey has ranked Liverpool and Manchester in the top five for fake tan sales. They can’t get enough of the stuff up north it seems, three of the top five cities are north of the Mersey!

Don’t forget our TOWIE friends in Essex though. Basildon (no, we didn’t know it was a city either) shot up the orange scale to number two in the charts. We’re wondering if that’s solely down to Joey Essex?

The south must be getting more sun than we’d realised though. Brighton and London are both in the bottom five for sales. The Made in Chelsea gang obviously weren’t included in the stats…

Here are the full survey results of where bronzing lotion was most and least popular.

Top five cities for fake tan sales:

1. Liverpool

2. Basildon

3. Manchester

4. Birmingham

5. Glasgow


Bottom five cities:

1. Exeter

2. Bristol

3. Brighton

4. London

5. Cardiff