TheMondayKickstart: The pain-free headphones perfect for the office worker

Another Monday, another moment to reflect on the awesome happenings in the world of Crowdfunding. TheMondayKickstart is dedicated to unearthing the best products, apps, ideas and innovations that are looking for funding. This week we’re going in-depth into the Vie Shair headphones!

Listening to music in the office is a dream, especially if you have loads to get on with. Sticking on some headphones is a sign to everyone in the surrounding area that you are in the middle of something extremely pressing or you’re too tired for their idle chit-chat. However, sometimes you can miss important conversations because everyone presumes you can’t hear them.

That’s where the Vie Shair headphones come in! As well as having cracking sound quality, these super-smart cans come fixed with a 3D moulded air frame that floats the headphone speaker just off your ear. This allows you to interact with your environment while simultaneously listening to music – you don’t even have to adjust the volume.

It also means that, due to the lack of contact, you can wear the headphones for extended period of times without feeling the ache that comes with other on-ear headphones.

Bluetooth enables, the audio technology comes from “Yahama’s advanced MACH-5 codec, and the large, directional flat speakers provide superior sound quality”. We’re entirely sure what most of this means, but it sounds complicated enough that we’d invest in it.


Image credit: Instagram – @Vie_shair

What’s additionally awesome about the Vie Shair headphones is the choice of open air and closed air frames. If you want to block the outside world out, then feel more than free to switch to a closed air frame. It’s as simple as unscrewing one frame and popping in the other – no hassle for superior privacy.

If the Vie Shair sounds like something you’d be interested in investing in, be sure to swing by their Kickstarter page to learn more!