The top hairstyles of 2016 for guys (pay attention, fellas)

Listen up fellas! The year is in full swing and if you haven’t already decided what hairstyles you’re going to be rocking, you’re playing catch up! If you’ve experienced hair loss in the last 1-3 years, I apologise and send my sincerest apologies.

For the rest of you mop-headed gents, there’s still hope to be found. Think of good hairstyles like a really expensive jacket. You wear it all the time and it might not last forever but there will always be other jackets throughout your life!

Here’s an infographic from Hairstylism that will serve as your hairstyles pocket bible for 2016. We’ll be impressed if you can try all 10 of these cuts across the year!

The increasing pressure of hairstyling in 2016 makes it all the more tempting to completely shave your dome and live liberated of the judgement of having the sickest cut in London. But that’s the cowards way out!

With all the amazing barbers and hairdressers available for reasonable prices, there’s nothing stopping your unkempt mop becoming a stylish unkempt mop. You can go slicked back, fringe forward, short and tight, spiky or even try the full barbarian look with half a year of growing your locks out.

There’s no style right now that isn’t considered pretty good so regardless of your hair type, there’s something on this infographic that will suit you. Personally, my hair is far too thick and stubborn to do anything with so I just grow it out and have been rocking the ‘just woke up’ look for a good five years now.

The trick to having a good hairstyle is knowing what works for you and just owning it. If you see anything from Hairstylism below that takes your fancy, 100% give it a whirl. The thing to remember is that hair is temporary, even if it looks disastrous, it’ll always grow back!


Image credit: Hairstylism

Image credit: Hairstylism