The talking handbag all shopaholics NEED!

When I go shopping, there’s a voice inside my head telling me that I don’t need another pair of jeans. I drown that voice out by heading over to the till and buying the jeans.

For all those times, there is now an external voice that can follow you everywhere you go, as students in Scotland have created a talking handbag that aims at curbing your spending.

Three students at the University of Dundee were the masterminds behind the brown leather bag that contains a sensor to detect when you remove your credit card, prompting a series of responses.

The responses range from “do you really need this?” to the more frightening “you’re already in your overdraft”. Not something anyone wants to hear when they’re knee deep in a new pair of must-have suede knee-high boots.

Shopaholics everywhere are sage, however, because the bag isn’t going to be made available to the general public. It was intended as a piece of social commentary, aimed at challenging consumerist society. Phew.

Now what?