The Spotify tool all musicians need to know about

Spotify are launching a new tool to connect artists featured on the site with their fans in a whole new way.

The new tool – Fan Insights – allows musicians to see the data behind their plays, showing them where their true fans live and who they are. They can see their number of listeners and then a further break-down by gender, age and location.

From there the tool divides listeners based on their number of plays, so those labelled ‘fans’ are people who have listened to an artist several times within a recent period of a few months. There’s ‘streakers’, who have listened to the artist every day in the most recent week. The step up from here is the ‘loyalists’, who listen to that certain artist more than anyone else. At the top of the list is ‘regulars’, who have played that artist at least once every day throughout the most recent month.

The tool will allow artists to see where their music is being played, who is listening to it, and even how many fans fall into each of those categories, so it will have a huge impact on marketing. It breaks down the barrier and shows the numbers not as music being streamed, but focuses on the fans streaming the music.

In conversation with YourEDMSpotify VP Charlie Hellman said that “Those fans and superfans have a disproportionate impact on revenue: they’re the people who’ll buy tickets, VIP packages, merchandise and will be the social evangelists for the band.” He emphasises the importance of understanding where an artist’s fans are coming from.

The tool is currently available on limited devices, with a full-scale rollout expected in the coming months.

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