The secret to staying friends in the big city

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow which means one of two things: You’re planning an elaborate meal/seance for your loved one OR you’re getting together with your closest pals to celebrate solidarity by eating ice-cream and watching whatever is on ITV2.

But it’s harder than ever to hook up with your closest pals. Which is weird considering that we’re more connected than ever and the majority of the country is currently single (51% roughly).

In a new piece from Time Out, cleverly titled ‘Mates Over Dates’, a collection of friends are asked how they stay so close despite the hustle-and-bustle of London and why their friendship is so special. Valentine’s is all about expression your love to the people who deserve it, nobody said it couldn’t be your friends.

1. Pamela and Rita (aged 82 and 89)

These two Chelsea-dwellers have been friends for 30 years and have a weekly dinner nights. The two have never had an argument but I suppose when you get to your golden years, you realise there’s no point in arguing because you’ve lost so many friends.

Tips for staying friends: “Respect, a sense of humour and love”

2. Anant and Tim (aged 27 and 36)

These two London lads met on the legendary indie forum Dancing Jesus back in the early noughties. They met on the set of a Summer Camp music video and, even in the brief interview, show that their humour aligns perfectly – it makes it such a shame that Tim is moving to Lisbon soon.

Tip for staying friends: “Don’t move to Lisbon! Organise the simple things, like just hanging out at each other’s house.”

3. Shannon and Ella (aged 15 and 14)

To get an overview of different friendships, Time Out consulted two year 10 students about what it means to be friends in 2016. Ella was the new girl but found her weird soul-mate in Shannon – they compare themselves to Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp. They stand up for each other in the jungle that is the secondary school social circle and understand the triviality of social media status. I want to be friends with Shannon and Ella.

Tip for staying friends: “Don’t ignore each other. If you don’t want to talk, give a reason.”

What now?