Banksy has created a theme park and it looks like this

Graffiti superstar Banksy has just revealed his newest and biggest show ever at a rundown seafront lido in Weston-super-Mare.

The Dismaland show looks to be an insanely cool, but disturbing satire of the Disneyland theme park in California with grim “attractions” dotting the waterfront.

The show opens tomorrow, and in addition to Banksy’s subversive stuff, the “bemusement park” includes work from Damien Hirst and about 50 other artists.

The surreal exhibit is already getting tons of attention, so make sure you snag a ticket fast – the show is on until late September and entry is only £3.

banksy dismaland

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons/ Road Warrior

As always, Banksy’s work intends to be subversive and bring attention to important societal issues – but just don’t let it totally destroy your childhood Disney fantasies!

By Reenat Sinay