The definitive list of what NOT to take to uni

Packing up your bedroom as you leave for uni can be a bit of a nightmare since you’ll inevitably have to give up some luxuries to fit everything into your tiny, new room – but which ones?

As you gear up for Freshers’ Week, remember that some things are better left in storage.

Here’s what you should definitely leave at home.

1. Fancy kitchenware

You’re probably not going to be cooking three-course meals, so keep it simple and stick with a few bowls, cups and plates, and some cutlery. Leave things like measuring cups and egg poachers at home. You can bet on the fact that other students will bring items like cheesegraters and blenders¬†anyway.

On that note, items like microwaves and kettles are usually provided by the university, so don’t go out and splurge.

2. An iron

You might be in charge of doing your own laundry for the first time – no need to get too ambitious by bringing an iron just yet. Most students who bring them don’t end up using them anyway, and they just become dead weight. If you absolutely need one, someone else in halls is sure to have one, though.

3. All your clothes

For the fashionistas among you, it’s time to face the fact¬†that there won’t be room for all of your clothes (and shoes!) in that tiny room. A good rule of thumb to go by is not to bring anything you haven’t worn at least three times in the last year. Remember, a term is just 10-12 weeks anyway – how many clothes could you possibly need? Also, leave fancy dress for festivals, not uni.

4. The entire contents of your room

While it’s important to bring stuff from home to decorate your new walls and fill your shelves so it’s homely, make sure not to strip your room of warmth entirely. You wouldn’t want to go home at the end of term to a barren bedroom, right?

5. A printer

You’ll save a ton of money by using the paper and ink provided by your uni rather than bringing your own printer. Just trust us.