The Apprentice: Where are they now?

It’s safe to say, that of all the characters that have come and gone on BBC’s The Apprentice, Lord Alan Sugar is still doing the best.

But what about all the winners, runner-ups and first round knockouts? What have they been up to since their fateful turns on the reality business show?

Chances are you have a very good idea what media ever-present Katie Hopkins has been up to, but what about Katie Walsh from series five or the first ever winner Tim Campbell. Where on earth have they got to?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve been on the hunt to find out whether they eventually got fired too.

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1. Tim Campbell (Series One – Winner)

Original champion ‘nice-guy Tim’ was an Alan Sugar favourite, even going so far as to keep him on after the series’ contractual obligations ended.

But Campbell had other ideas, and left to set up a male grooming business and The Bright Ideas Trust (which gives away £1million each year to budding entrepreneurs)

He now works for London Mayor Boris Johnson as an ambassador.

the apprentice where are they now

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2. Michelle Dewberry (Series Two – Winner)

The sophomore winner Dewberry didn’t do quite so well, but is still going places!

Apparently offered thousands to appear scantily clad in certain lads’ mags, she politely declined, opting instead to set up shopping website Daily Chic and work as a consultant.

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3. Simon Ambrose (Series Three – Winner)

Cambridge graduate Simon is a member of Mensa and has an IQ of 174 (and that was at the age of 13!)

He eventually quit Lord Sugar’s firm to become Chairman of the London Contemporary Orchestra. Not bad eh?

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4. Claire Young (Series Four – Runner-up)

Unlucky loser Claire Young was offered a job at Birmingham FC by now judge Karen Brady.

She declined surprisingly, and instead set up a consultancy business with undocumented success.

The Apprentice where are they now

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5. Katie Walsh (Series Five – Runner-up)

Famous for her on-show romance with fellow contestant Phillip Taylor, finalist Katie Walsh became a TV presenter after her unceremonious loss.

She fronted Channel 5’s Live From Studio Five for two years before setting up a Raw Talent Academy (valued at £1.5million) and becoming the vice president of jewellery chain Pandora.

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6. Stella English (Series Six – Winner)

Stella will forever be remembered as the contestant who tried to sue Lord Sugar, claiming the job she won as a prize was, in fact, a sham.

And although she lost the case, she still works as a freelance management consultant, and has been “flooded with job offers” since going to court.

Tom Pellereau the apprentice

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7. Tom Pellereau (Series Seven – Winner)

Who? Yes, that’s what we thought too. But although Tom Pellereau has disappeared off the edge of the earth after snatching glory in 2011, he has left his mark on the retail world with several high-profile inventions. This includes the questionable curved ‘S shape‘ nail file. What do we think?

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8. Ricky Martin (Series Eight – Winner)

No, not the Puerto Rican singer, we mean ol’ ‘Ricky Hype of season eight fame. Not much to tell here, the smiley fellow is still working with Alan Sugar on a scientific recruitment project. Sounds fun.

leah totton the apprentice

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9. Dr Leah Totton (Series Nine – Winner)

The contestant people aren’t exactly sure why she needed to enter considering Dr Totton was, well, already a doctor.

But after winning she secured a £250,000 investment to open her first botox clinic, and hasn’t looked back since.

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10.  Mark Wright (Series Ten – Runner-up)

Perfect evidence that winning isn’t everything. Wright impressed in last year’s final with his idea for a digital marketing agency, and now Climb Online is a profit-making reality! We think we’ll all lose in the final of the BBC’s biggest reality TV show, it seems to work…

The Apprentice Series 11 continues tonight at 11pm on BBC1

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