6 great apps ALL food lovers need

Whether you’re a sucker for food porn or fancy yourself the next Naked Chef, there are countless apps that will make your life in the kitchen or in a restaurant a whole lot easier.

Check out these 6 apps that we’re loving right now for bringing out our inner foodies.

1. Food Gawker

Food porn at its finest, basically. Food Gawker allows you to trawl through countless images of food to take away recipe inspiration or simply to whet your appetite. Pinterest just for foodies, essentially, and you can like and save your favourite images for later.

2. Mixologist

Download Mixologist and play bartender in your own home. You tell the app what ingredients you have to hand, and it will provide you with drink suggestions. Perfect for a party if you ask every guest to bring a different spirit or mixer!

3. Tastemade

Available in 22 cities, Tastemade offers up short videos to showcase the coolest places to eat and drink wherever you are. Great if you’re in a new city, or if you want to make the most of where you live. The app also allows users to make their own videos about their favourite places.

4. WineGlass

For the times when you go to dinner and want to have the appearance of knowing about the wine you’ve selected, rather than choosing the second cheapest on the menu. Take a snap of the menu and upload it to the app, and recommendations will appear for what goes with what.

5. Amount

For all the home chefs out there, Amount will convert measurements so you don’t have to. Keeps things simple and avoids the resurgence of any unpleasant primary school maths class memories.

6. Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

To help channel the naked chef in all of you, this app gives you access to all of Jamie’s favourite recipes over the years. The taster package provides you with 10 recipes each month, or there’s the subscription, which will allow access to hundreds of recipes in your monthly updates.

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