The 5 most followed people on Instagram (Hint: they’re all women)

Got a penchant for the Instagram-able? Frequently obsess over your pitiful follower-count? Well these Internet ladies definitely don’t.

In fact, they’ve got so many millions of followers they probably can’t keep track of their notifications, let alone their fan base.

But who exactly are these top dogs of Insta-land? Surprisingly (or unsuprisingly, we’re not really sure) the top five is exclusively rounded out by females. That’s right, not a single male celeb has managed to shimmy his way onto the podium (not even Justin Bieber).

Check out the exclusive list and decided how deserving these internet snappers are of there lofty positions.

1. Taylor Swift – 54.9 million


Image credit: Instagram (@taylorswift)

2. Kim Kardashian – 51.7 million


Image credit: Instagram (@kimkardashian)

3. Beyonce – 50.8 million


Image credit: Instagram (@beyonce)

4. Selena Gomez – 50.8 million


Image credit: Instagram (@selenagomez)

5. Ariana Grande – 48.3 million

ariana grande most follwoed accounts on instagram

Image credit: Instagram (@selenagomez)

Now what?