The 10 emotional stages of #Friday

It’s so close, you can almost taste the weekend. Just one more hard slog and you’ll be free (for two days) But how will you possibly make it to quitting time? Even lunch feels like an eternity away.

Never fear! We’ve planned out every emotional aspect of the final working day of the week, right down to the last detail.

1. It’s FRIDAY!

What could be easier than getting up on the last day of the week!?

It's Friday!

2. Toast time

Breakfast just KNOWS about your Thursday night hangover…

Toast time

3. Train in vain

Your commute isn’t going as planned…

Train in vain

4. Here we go

You arrive, a mere ten minutes late! But it’s still only 8.40am…

Here we go5. There’s no one in…

Will no one come play with you?

There's no one in

6. Ready to eat

You’ve made it to lunch, this isn’t so bad, you might actually survive today!

It's lunch time

7. That person who leaves early

Weekend away, eh? You’ll give her a weekend away… in hospital.

That person who leaves early

8. T-minus ten

It’s 4.50pm, come onnnnnnn clock!

T-minus ten

9. One last thing…

YES! To the… wait, what’s that? The boss wants you to do some paperwork?

One last thing

10. DONE

Kick that office door down. It’s party time!