The 10 best and worst places to live in the UK

Love your town and think there’s nowhere better? Well now you can find out where it ranks, because a survey has been conducted into where in the UK people are most loving life.

The survey was based on factors like average salary, housing prices, crime rates, working hours, even taking into account broadband speeds. Edinburgh came out on top, with super fast broadband speeds and an average salary of £29.588. It has come a long way since 2013, having jumped 97 places since then.

London didn’t even make the cut for the top 10, so there may be a few of us in the List for Life office considering a relocation to Scotland before long…!

Looking to move or just fancy a gander at where people are loving life? Check out these lists of the top and bottom 10 places to live in the UK.

This is the list of the top 10 places to live in the UK:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Solihull
  3. Hertfordshire
  4. Northumberland
  5. South Lanarkshire
  6. Berkshire
  7. Darlington
  8. North Lanarkshire
  9. York
  10. Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire & Renfrewshire

And now for the worst…

  1. Bradford
  2. Kingston Upon Hull
  3. North of Northern Ireland
  4. Eilean Siar (Western Isles)
  5. West and South of Northern Ireland
  6. Blackpool
  7. Devon CC
  8. Central Valleys
  9. East of Northern Ireland
  10. South Teesside

Now what?