This *Crazy* Temporary Tattoo Measures How Drunk You Are!

You ever noticed how you only become aware of how drunk you are when you’re alone in the toilets at whatever bar/pub/club you’re at? It’s a weird, crystalline moment where the world feels a little more unstable and you start to understand the true meaning 2-for-1 cocktails.

But it’s all fun and games up to a point. In 2014, The Daily Dot reports, nearly 10,000 people were killed in drunk driving accidents in America (3,000 in the UK). Breathalyser tests are the most common solution to keeping inebriated folks off of the roads but people also need to learn to monitor themselves.

Good news though, researchers at the University of California, San Diego have come up with a stylish and safe solution. Using a disposable temporary tattoo, the brain-boxes have integrated an electronic reader that can measure our alcohol levels through your sweat – what?! 


You read that right! These devices could be used for the people of the UK to keep an eye on how much alcohol they’re actually consuming. Counting drinks doesn’t work because of interfering factors like how much you’ve eaten, the strength of the spirits etc.

The device sticks on like a temporary tattoo and uses glucose and lactate monitors (sweat). As you can see above, it includes an unsightly electronic board roughly the size of a stick of gum.

This is how it works: the tattoo has tiny electrodes sticking out of it (so small you won’t notice them) which produces a little current, releasing a drug into the skin that makes you sweat (hopefully just a little!). The sensors then read the sweat and check the alcohol concentration. This information is sent straight to your phone through Bluetooth – how cool is that?!

Image credit: Shutterstock

Image credit: Shutterstock

You know when you wake up the next morning and see you took a £50 Uber all the way home? Now you can have a similar experience with how much alcohol you shoved into your body! Better safe than sorry, we guess.

The tattoos are currently in production so it might be a while before we see this little gadget on our shores but not only could this stop drunk driving casualties but it’s a good way to check when it’s time to swap the tequila for a tap water.