We urgently need to talk to you about your breakfast!

Who here takes sugar with their tea or coffee? First off, you’re all absolute monsters and secondly, apparently you are already getting plenty of sugar in the foods you didn’t even realise were bad for you. If you’ve been following recent news from the National Obesity Forum, talks of fats and sugars have been hitting the headlines.

We’ve talked in the past about the high concentration in popular flavoured coffees and teas. They’ve warned that chai lattes, hot chocolates and a variety of coffees can contain as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar – that’s roughly the same as three cans of Coca Cola or five Starbucks muffins.

As uncovered by AoS, 98% of flavoured drinks from the high street chain coffee shops (they surveyed 103 drinks from 10+ chains) would be slapped with a bright red label for excessive sugar content.

Sorry to rain on your parade but things are about to get stormy. The below infographic from AXA PPP healthcare reveals how much sugar can be found in typical breakfast foods. Even those ‘healthy’ breakfasts might not warrant the thank from your body that you might think.

The data below suggests that Brits could be consuming half a dozen cubes each morning. The recommended amount of sweetness per day is no more than 30g (assuming you are over 11 years old). For the sake of unit conversion, there are 3 grams in one sugar cube – time to test your mental maths.

  • The classic English toast and tea breakfast eaters are in the clear generating a total of 3 sugar cubes in their breakfast.
  • A pain au chocolate will set you back a solid 12g of the white stuff and combined with an glass of orange juice you’re looking at an additional 20g. That breaks the daily limit!
  • The mac-daddy of cavities is the infamous but delicious caramel macchiato with vanilla flavoured syrup that will put you back 45g or 14.2 cubes!


Image credit: PPP Healthcare