Image credit: Instagram - @IamGalla

The surprising differences between adulting in your 20s and in your 30s

How old are you? 19? 20? 25? Being this age is pretty great. You can drink litres of toxic liquids and shake it off the next morning, get to claim you’re adulting but without anyone expecting you to achieve anything and you have pretty much zero responsibilities. I play by the rules that until I’m 29, everything I do or say has no consequence.

But I’m not naive, I know my 20s will end sooner rather than later. That’s how time works. I don’t plan on finishing my life at age 27 in a blaze of glory. I’ll lose my edge, gain weight and accept a weathered personality. It’s just the circle of life.

Elite Daily have created this funny and unfortunately true video that details the surprising differences between adulting in your 20s and adulting in your 30s.

The short story is that the overall quality of life gets a lot better once you break out of your 20s however you’re always in pain. This is what we learned:

  • Friends: “While you have fewer friends in your thirties, you start to have a better idea of who you are, meaning that you aren’t so reliant on people in your social circle to give you ideas of who you could be”. Wake up, Sheeple!
  • Sex: “Even though you typically have more sexual partners in your 20s, sex in your 30s can actually be better. You’re more comfortable with yourself, and you have more than a decade of experience”. You’ve got to put the work in if you want results.
  • Hangovers: “As we get older our livers produce less antioxidants. So, toxins end up passing through our bodies, causing headaches, vomiting and all of those really fun hangover experiences”.
  • Health: “In your 30s, you start to experience gradual bone and muscle loss, which can slow down your metabolism. This is especially true if you don’t increase your amount of physical exercise”.