6 signs you’re succeeding even if you feel like you’re failing

Success comes and goes, people see as this solitary state of being but in fact it’s so much more complex than that. There have been CEOs of global companies who have felt like they’re failing at the same time as a student feeling successful for not failing their first year exams – it’s all relative and the sooner we realise that, the happier we’ll be.

At the same time, failing comes as naturally to us. We all occasionally feel like failures and that’s no bad thing, it gives us the impetus to keep pushing. However, these low points can cloud our perspective and coax us into forgetting our past successes just because we don’t have money or legions of fans.

If you’re feeling like you’re failing life right now, here are six signs you’re actually succeeding.

1. You know how to ask for help

When you’re in a success spiral, you feel like you never need to ask for help – and that’s great but it doesn’t last forever. If you’re in a really bad place sometimes all it takes is a little gesture or help from someone else to make a massive difference!

2. You understand the importance of failing

We’re sure you’ve heard this before but the road to success is definitely not a straight line. There are many peaks and troughs that come with getting to where you want to be, the only thing that will give you the momentum to reach those peaks is getting past the low lows.

3. Friends

You might not think much of yourself but if you have friends, they do – otherwise they wouldn’t be friends with you. If you need advice or just some affirmation, spending time with friends is a quick fix.

4. You have passions you care about

Your job might suck but as long as you’re going home to a hobby or passion that you care about then you’re still on the path to success.

5. You have things to look forward to

Having plans for the future is a sure-fire way of ensuring future success. Even if it’s just a holiday, having something to work toward to really put your failings in perspective.

6. Empathy

The ability to show compassion to those who need it is the hallmark of someone that is very much succeeding in life. Money and power is fleeting but kindness is renewable.