4 ways to jazz up your student room

School’s finally over and you’re spending this summer in anticipation of moving into your new student room. You’re imagining something a la a stylish Pinterest board; a model room with a full on colour scheme and furniture totally not consisting of the IKEA catalogue.

Unless you win big in the accommodation lucky dip, you might have to downgrade your expectations just a tad. Never fear though, read our tips for how to make the best out of a ‘bed’ situation and jazz up your student room.

1. Fairy lights

Your accommodation guide might say they’re not allowed; fluffy pink lights are a fire hazard, they cry. Ignore them and just rip them down any time your landlord or the uni comes knocking.  For a minimalist look, go for cheap plain bulbs, and pin cute polaroid photo beneath.

2. Cushions

Sounds basic, but a few well placed cushions can elevate your room to whole new levels of what the Danish call ‘hygge.’  Check out these quote cushions from the Old English Company (notonthehighstreet, £15.95)

student room

Image credit: Old English Company

If you want something more colourful, then Urban Outfitters has a great collection of jazzy cushions and pillows, often with matching bedding.

3. Noticeboard

I was lucky enough to have a massive noticeboard going across my student room in halls, but friends were left with just a blank, bluetack strewn wall. If your uni or landlord don’t include a noticeboard in your room, I’d recommend investing in one. They’re a great way to make yourself feel at home in those first few weeks at uni. Pin photos of family and friends on there. As the year goes on, you can add memorabilia from your new life at uni!

4. Get organised

The size of student digs can vary greatly; whilst I was in a massive studio this year, my sister home was a room so small she had to move her wardrobe onto the landing.  When space is at a minimum, organising your room might sound boring, but it’ll help make the most of the space.

Desk organisers will stop your desk becoming a mass of paper and books, as well boxes you can just shove under your bed or in your wardrobe.