Struggle with small talk? 6 questions to help you survive at Christmas parties

Even those of us who can talk for England can struggle with the pain of awkward silences. There are only so many times you can talk about the weather.

Whether it’s your office Christmas do, or a friend’s festive gathering – if you’re already fretting and working up a sweat over what on earth you’re going to talk about to a room full of strangers, then never fear! We’ve got a couple of conversational starters up our sleeves for you. Think of it as a Christmas gift from us, to you!

1. “I like your top! Where did you get it?”

By paying a genuine compliment, you’re already in their good books. Following it up with asking where that piece of clothing is from can lead to others conversations – from asking where someone shops can lead to talking about where they live. And if you’re speaking to a fashion lover, then you’re onto a winner!

2. “Where are you from?”

Talking about someone’s hometown can spur them on to essentially continue a timeline of their life so far, and for you to ask further questions about aspects of their life that interest you, along the way.

3. “How do you know David?”

Start off with the thing that you both have in common – the person whose party it is or who invited you. Bonus points as well if you end up finding out any embarrassing stories about them.

4. “Oh do you know Charlotte? You need to meet her!”

The opposite to sharing a conversation over someone you both already know, and open up a whole new conversation by introducing them to someone new. Talking to someone who is a massive gamer and know they could have a great time sharing all things points and codes with your friend? Talk about them and the interests they share and bring the two together. And if the conversation also wasn’t going great, this is a cheeky little get-out card for you too.

5. “Did you see this week’s The Apprentice?”

Finding something current or trending in popular culture to talk about is a pretty safe bet to get the conversation rolling. This can be anything from THE tv show of the season, a talked-about movie that’s come out or the latest gasp-worthy scandal that even your mum knows about.

6. “What plans have you got for the weekend?”

This allows you to find out what other interests they have by talking about their plans. If they’re going to a gig or having brunch somewhere, you can recommend somewhere that does THE best pancakes or a new band for them to give a listen to.

Now what?