Your step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Freshers’

Freshers’ week is almost upon us. Ready to have the time of your life?

Before the fun begins, take a moment to think about what is in store for you. Here are five tips on making the most of the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime week (and avoiding Freshers’ flu)!

1. Be bold

If you are moving into halls find out when you can arrive, and get there as early as possible. People form friendship bonds quickly so you don’t want to get there too long after others have already met and had time to chat. You’ll feel more intimidated if you think people have already made friends. These friends may not be the ones you stick with throughout your time at uni, but it is still a confidence boost to have people around early on. Don’t stay in your room unpacking, get out there and introduce yourself.

2. Fresher’s fair

Head down to the freshers’ fair and check out what societies you can join. These are a really good way to meet like-minded people and there are some cool ones to choose from. You don’t have to be super sporty! There is a Hummous Society at the London School of Economics, a Cocktail Society at the University of Birmingham and even a Harry Potter and Gin Society at St Andrews!

3. Don’t blow your money all at once

It can be so tempting to splash out on loads of alcohol and some cool new party looks for all the nights out you will be going on. Instead make a budget for the week. If your student loan gets delayed in getting to you, do you really want to be living on 10p packs of noodles for days until you get your money? Taking cash out at the ATM can be a really good way for you to keep track of your spending.

4. Be smart

Of course you want to have loads of fun, but maintain some level of responsibility. This is definitely what your mum would tell you! Be careful with alcohol, don’t over-do it and stay with people that you can get home with, probably the people in the same halls as you. Don’t go off on your own as you won’t know the local area very well if you have just moved there.

5. Have fun

Above all, just enjoy yourself. This experience only comes around once, and it’s the time to be social before all the lectures and deadlines begin.