StartUp of the Week: StandIt desk is here to make standing desks socially acceptable

Another Monday, another moment to reflect on the awesome happenings in the world of start-ups. At the top of every week we take some time to unearthing the best products, apps, ideas and innovations that are looking for funding. Today we’re looking at the first height adjustable ‘smart desk’, the StandIt.

We’ve all heard the chorus of fear-mongerers crying about how sitting is actually killing us. Enough is enough with the hyperbole but they might be onto something. There is a posture crisis going on in modern workplaces and while smart tech is making our day-to-day processes streamlined, it’s doing very little for our back health.

Until now!

The StandIt desk is the affordable and smart solution for a healthier work environment. Controlled by your Smartphone, the app allows you to change the desk height and movement activity relative to your health goals.

The desk also has cool features like proximity detectors which adjusts the desk to your preferred height when you approach it. The future is here!

StandIt have designed this spinal saviour with an accessible and affordable motive in mind. Typical standing desks can cost thousands of pounds; the working world hasn’t fully come round to the idea of investing that much money into this work practice.

The app can help you reduce serious health risks by tracking the time you spend both sitting and standing and the amount of calories your burning throughout the day; filling the gap of time you wrist activity trackers
Kickstarter for more info.