Spicy Food Might Be The Secret To A Clear Mind

The winter months are just around the corner which means shorter days and darker nights. Don’t fret, by becoming a student of mindfulness you can combat the seasonal slump! Today we’re looking into the restorative effects of spicy food.

This probably won’t be appealing to the kind of people that order a korma when you go for a curry. We’ve all seen that Gavin and Stacy scene. However, for those with the grit to pretend they’re not crying when the heat is really kicking, you might be on the right tracks to improving your mental health.

We’re not suggesting solving your relationship problems by stuffing your face with a Madras and mixing sad tears with spicy tears. In fact, in moderation, research has shown that spicy foods can change our “brains and boost our overall health with a high concentration of flavour”, reports LifeHack

Spicy food strengthens connections between brain cells, didn’t you know. Red peppers contain a compound known to its friends aspigenin. This agent is a great preserver of brain function like memory, learning and being alive. But on the serious, a healthy brain means a healthy mind and these connections fend off horrible disorders like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia.

“The only thing better than strengthen brain connections is if spicy food made me immortal!” Well, almost!

A massive study conducted on half a million people suggested that spicy food actually makes you live longer! Specifically, “people who eat chilli peppers a few times a week lower their risk of death by 14%”. This is because of capsaicin – the compound that improves your metabolism and reduces your risk of cancer.

At the end of the day, reducing your percentage of dying is what being a human is all about.

What more evidence do you need? Next time you’re out from a curry, try something with a little more kick, it might be painful at the beginning, but you’ll benefit in the long run!