Speedy shopper? The new fast lane is for you

The divide between fast and slow walkers is an age-old one, with us speedy shoppers often being left frustrated when stuck behind a dreaded ambler. The Speedy Shuffle, which sees a fast walker like myself attempt to side-step other pedestrians, is a well-practiced dance, and with Christmas coming up, it’s about to get worse.

Luckily for us, there is a new ‘fast lane’ being introduced to combat this problem. The lane, which will be introduced in Liverpool, will allow for speedy walkers to bypass the pain of being stuck behind an ambling fellow shopper.

This improvement comes after a study conducted by Argos revealed that almost 29 million Brits would welcome a fast lane with open arms. According to the study, 47% of British shoppers who took part revealed that they get frustrated when stuck behind a slow walker.

With the festive season coming up, this addition to the high street will be a welcome change for some, providing a quick and painless approach to the mammoth task of Christmas shopping. Shoppers will be able to get through their shopping in a flash, or alternatively, will be able to stroll along comfortably without feeling rushed if they select the slow lane.

I for one am excited about this change, being well-rehearsed in the Speedy Shuffle, and I would take a change like this in Oxford Street and run with it!

Now what?