Speedy breakfast ideas as recommended by nutritionists

Breakfast is the most important and by the far the most underrated meal in the UK. Say what you want about America, but they sure as hell know how to dish up a cracking breakfast. If you’re in the market for something speedy and healthy to kick off your day, we’ve got just the things for you.

We’re not in the business of settling for soggy cornflakes or toast cooked over-easy. List For Life appreciates quality and utility in their meals. Fortunately, Huffington Post did the leg-work and asked nutrition experts on tips for healthy and speedy breakfasts.

1. Break down the barriers

Dr Felicia D. Stoler: In her book, Living Skinny in Fat Genes, Stoler says we should break down the barriers between what we consider breakfast food and the rest. Personally, I’ve never had any qualms with scoffing down some lemon chicken leftovers sided with a yoghurt in the morning. Cook your leftovers into an omelette – it’s sustainable and delicious.

2. Avocado 

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll know how much the millennial world loves avocado. Nutritionist Dawn Jackson vouches for the green saying that it’s an easy and delicious topping for toast; especially when coupled with touches like walnuts, sea salt, honey or a fried egg.

3. Greek Yoghurt

Tara Gidus pairs any fruit she can with either Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese. Be it blueberries or oranges, it’s getting doused in the pale stuff. “The vitamin, mineral, fibre and phytonutrient content from your fruit combines with the protein in yogurt and cottage cheese to make a smart morning pick.” Top notch!