What Are Sound Baths And Why Does Everybody Love Them?

The typical scenes you think of when asked about meditation are usually ones of similarly dressed people, sitting in lines, making ‘ohm’ sounds and being instructed about how to breath. But those days are over (apparently)! This is 2016, where tradition can go bury itself in a landfill and convenience is our new deity.


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So what is a sound bath? In short, it’s a healing therapy that uses sounds and vibrations to induce a state of calm and meditation. According to the Sages of Sound, this type of treatment can reduce stress and pain, lower your heart rate and relieve anxiety. Perfect for a tough day at the office or for the next stage of your ninja training.

As the Standard report, there are numerous online endorsers of this practice like Sound Awakening and Otto Sound Therapy. These treatments involve various instruments, gongs, whispers and drums that bathe you in “rich harmonic frequencies while you switch off, feeling the stresses and strains of the day melting away”.

With numerous events across the Capital, the only way to test whether Sound Baths are a stroke of genius or a load of baloney is to try it for yourself. Alternatively, if yoga seems like a bit too much like hard work, Sound Baths seem to revolve around lying on the floor and passively de-stressing.

Buy yourself a gong and you can even do it out of your garage.

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Image Credit: Rex Features