How to sleep well if you’re away from home

They say that a good night’s sleep can cure anything. Not the state of the British economy but let’s not get into that. For everything else, being able to sleep well can overcome the greatest sicknesses, hangovers, depressions and break-ups. Waking up with a solid eight hours is a rare delight, especially if you’re travelling.

Whether you’re on a business trip or your annual summer holiday, many of you, in the near future, will not be able to sleep well on account of being away from your bed.

Why is this? How can we overcome it? Is there some sort of informational graphic that will provide me with all the answers I need. Like hell is there!

Oliver’s Travels gives some tips for you to have a good night’s rest in places away from home. If you can’t sleep well a few days into your holiday, it’s because your brain is on high-alert on account of being in a totally alien location.

Here are the main points as a quick guide if you want to sleep well when you’re away from home!

  • The human brain adapts to changing locations gradually, so frequent travellers are eventually able toe keep well anywhere, thanks to adult neurogenesis.
  • Pack your own pillow. You’re used to the scent and feel of it. If you don’t have enough room in your luggage, which, considering luggage charges, won’t be possible, just bring the pillow case.
  • Get up if you can’t sleep. The worse thing you can do is just lie there tossing and turning. Roll out of bed and spend some time doing something relaxing and non-screen related. 5 hours of great sleep is better than 7 hours of broken sleep.

Find the rest of the infographic below. There’s tonnes of little tricks there to sleep well whatever the location!

sleep well

Image credit: Oliver’s Travels