How To Avoid That Horrible Groggy Feeling First Thing In The Morning

Alarm buzzing. Eyes creak open. Mouth dry. Throat laced with needles, Head throbbing. These are the symptoms of the rarely-deadly but frequently dreaded Morning Groggs. Feeling groggy in the morning is one of these weird biological phenomenons that doesn’t stick around long enough to warrant any tangible treatment.

But it should. Imagine all the bad moods you could have avoided if you knew the secret to avoid feeling groggy in the mornings.

All the money you spent on unnecessary coffees to jump-start your brain could have gone to charity… or other coffees at a more appropriate time.

Point is, it’s 2016 and we should have have conquered feeling like our soul is weighed down with lead by now. Here are five ways to shake off morning grogginess.

1. Make your dang bed

In the Charles Duhigg book, The Power of Habit, the journalist preaches the power of productivity. A big part of this comes down to how you start the day, namely, making your bed. It is considered a ‘keystone habit’, one that will spark a chain reaction of productivity throughout the day.

2. Snooze, you lose

Whoever invented the snooze button was obviously a pessimist. They couldn’t see the determination of humanity and instead invented an enabler for the weak willed. Getting that extra five minutes enters you into a sleep cycle that you won’t be able to complete and wake up more groggy than refreshed.

3. Pull those curtains

Many of us like to get ready in the morning by lamp-light. The bright mornings can be a harsh wake-up but by getting the blinds drawn, your internal body-clock will convince itself it’s still night time.

4. Act like your phone is non-existent

The first thing we do when we wake up is roll over and press the old home button on our phones. It’s an addiction. What could have possibly happened in the last seven hours? Everybody you know was asleep. Don’t commit your half-awake mind to work, spend the mornings getting your body in check.

5. Avoid Coffee first thing

Most drinkers like to have a cup of mud first thing in the morning. However, to get the most kick out of your coffee, you should drink it after 9:30am.

Your body naturally producer higher amounts of energy-controller cortisol between 8am and 9am. Throwing caffeine into the mix will make your body dependent and, guess what, groggy.