Startup of the week: This keyboard, somehow, can protect you from online threats!

Another Monday, another moment to reflect on the awesome happenings in the world of start-ups. At the top of every week we take some time to unearthing the best products, apps, ideas and innovations that are looking for funding. Today we’re looking at Silentkeys: the keyboard that, somehow, can protect you from online threats.

SilentKeys is the physical keyboard that protects your identity and business online through blocking ads, viruses, hackers and that pesky identity theft. How exactly? Well through science, silly!

The keyboard itself is a Plug’n’Play USB that encrypts your data within its internal storage. Think of it like anonymous browsing at the push the button. Getting hacked is a real threat but one most people never see coming. Anti-viruses are too confusing so it’s a nice reassurance knowing that your data is stored on an SD card you can physically take with you.

Watch the explanation video below for a much more concise overview of this revolutionary keyboard.

There are two levels of privacy: turning your computer over to Satya desktop, Silentkeys’ totally secure private browser or opening their anonymous browser within your operating system for everyday, anonymous needs.

Before you start making claims about how this is just a technological step for the tin-foil hat wearers, think about how much it would suck to get your identity and data stolen. Many people who suffer online threats are those that don’t fully understand what they’re clicking – SilentKeys makes things safe and accessible for all.

Glossing over the mini-privacy debate within this product’s Kickstarter, I genuinely believe it’s a great idea. If you feel the same way you can swing by the project’s fund page and donate. At the time of writing this keyboard has €40,000 over its goal – expect yours to arrive around early 2017.


Image credit: Instagram – @GetSilentKeys