Midday Moment: Need a confidence boost? Shine will send you encouraging affirmations every day

Some days it just feels like there’s a gloomy raincloud hovering over us from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. It’d be weird to slink up to co-workers, even if you consider them friends, and ask them to say nice things about you. I mean, you could try it, but you’ll probably get more weird looks than pats on the back. However, Shine, a new messenger service, is here to change the game.

Shine is designed to give you routinely inspiring messages throughout the day as and when you need them. Speaking to Mashable, the founders of this service said: “Millennials are increasingly seeking ways to connect with themselves and set their days and their lives up for success”.

Setting out to distill what we’ve been doing with our Midday Moment franchise, the messenger service was started to combat the current phenomena linking constant social media use to depression.

We’re more connected than ever and because of this the pressure to broadcast the best version of our lives is overwhelming – especially since it’s some people’s job to live unbelievable lives on social media.

Every day on Shine revolves around a different theme with advice detailing how to be healthier, more confident and generally happier. The messages arrive at 8.30am on a daily basis – the perfect morning pick-me-up.


Image credit: Shine

The best bit of all is that while you may have to pay your friends to say nice things about you, Shine is pretty much free.

And this awesome story gets better! The two founders, as women of colour, are dedicating Shine to striving to diversify the worlds of both technology and entrepreneurship for both women and people of colour!

I bet you feel inspired already, and you haven’t even signed up for the messages yet!