Stressed? At least you’re not having this much of a bad hair day

Surprise, surprise, Justin Bieber is making the news again. But this time it’s his hairline that’s making the headlines, not his crazy night time antics.

He’s gone for the messy peroxide blonde look, and we here at List for Life are not fans, to say the least.

But how does the Bieb’s latest style change rank alongside these other celeb hair disasters? What do you think?

1. Britney’s meltdown

Britney Spears celeb hair disasters

Image credit: Instagram

The hair disaster to top all hair disasters is Britney’s meltodwn-induced barnet from 2007. Don’t ask us, because we don’t know.

2. David’s cornrows

david beckham celeb disaster hair

Image credit: REX Features

Ol’ goldenballs has had more haircuts over the years than we’ve had hot dinners, but this 2003 vintage has to be the worst of the lot, right?

3. Katy Perry’s teenage dream

Katy Perry celeb hair disasters

Image credit: REX Features

The last time we checked, the mullet had been well and truly locked away never to return. But apparently Ms Perry didn’t get the memo…

4. Ke$ha’s colourful calamity

Kesha celeb disaster hair

Image credit: REX Features

Now we know you like your hair dye Ke$ha, and up til now we weren’t too fussed. Blue? Sure. Baby pink? Right on. But this rainbow concoction? Too far.

5. Christina’s disasters

Christina Aguilera celebrity hair disaster

Image credit: REX features

And now we come to Christina Aguilera, Queen of the hair transformation, just not for the right reasons. Take a look and see what we mean…