The *Secret* Diet Of An Olympic Marathoner

The Olympics are starting up any day now and the whole world is sitting on the edge of their collective seats. There’s so much mystery surrounding these games, as the first hosts below the equator line, there’s a huge amount of pressure on the people of Rio to give us our best games yet!

Our Olympians are currently over in Brazil now, eagerly awaiting the start of the tournament on the 5th August.¬†Training vigorously requires the right diet and we’ve got an insider scoop on how to eat like a world class marathoner.

Obviously¬†your day-job probably doesn’t involve running for 26 miles but glancing over this menu plan might inspire you to eat something new and get more energy for your days.


Image credit: Instagram – @des_linden

Speaking to INSIDER, American marathoner, Desiree Linden, ran through her diet to keep her energy levels high enough to sustain 125 miles of running a week.

Like most of us, her day begins with coffee, espresso specifically. She pairs that with some peanut butter on toast and half an energy-bar for that initial protein kick. And that’s not even her real breakfast!

After a training run, Desiree tucks into eggs on eggs on eggs. They’re not the healthiest start if you’re watching your cholesterol but it’s a great start to the day if you’ve got a lot on your plate (sorry, not sorry).


Desiree follows the conventional wisdom of snacking little and often. Things like dried fruit, nuts and cherries are a good way to keep your metabolism whirring. She keeps lunch light in order to maintain her energy levels – chicken sandwiches and avocado is a favourite, apparently…

This marathoners dinner looks the same as ours – some combination of meat and veg. Because of such a regimented diet, Desiree likes to mix the dinners up as not to have the same thing over and over. You can imagine that a marathon runner gets sick of doing the same thing day-in, day-out for obvious reasons.


Image credit: Instagram – @des_linden

On the day of the rice it’s just white rice and sweet potatoes. When you’re at the top of your game, you don’t have time to experiment with food!